[AIPS] Patches to AIPS 31DEC21 [NRAO]

You will find a summary of patches made to 31DEC21 here.

With previous releases, we did not change the frozen release tar ball; user sites were required to download the text files and do any compilations themselves. But, beginning with 31DEC04, we provide binary releases for which user sites are not required to have compilers. Therefore, we have reversed our policy. These patches have been applied to the official code of 31DEC21 and may be downloaded using a 31DEC21 "Midnight Job". Any tarball taken after the change date listed below will already have the patches applied. Of course, you may still download and compile the files as before.

The following is a summary list of the patches in this release. To patch your version of AIPS, run a "MNJ" ($HOME/do_daily.hostname).

  1. Correct "ccdis" to "cddis" in TEC-related help files. 2022-02-01
  2. FITLD could not read more than 999 files. 2022-02-07
  3. APCLN failed due to limits of PLNGET. 2022-02-07
  4. Application of polarization calibration blanked one channel too many at each blanked channel. 2022-03-21
  5. POSSM plotted only one polarization when all data are combined into one plot. 2022-04-01
  6. TRUEP had a bad formula and the history file had issues. 2022-03-03
  7. Compile procedures depended on the antique computer dave. 2022-06-27
  8. XAS changed so that Macs do not allow shared memory. 2022-06-27
  9. RSPEC did not set defaults for BLC(3) and TRC(3), 2022-06-27
  10. OFUDG did not extract antenna numbers in the newer way. 2022-06-27
  11. PRTAB could fail to set printing scales. 2022-06-27
  12. POSSM had a limit of 50 antennas. 2022-06-27
  13. UVPLT did not compute parallactic angles with the correct source ID. 2022-06-29
  14. XYDIF did not access the PP table properly and that table I/O did not handle blanks properly. 2022-06-29
  15. Minor axis labeling improvements patch made accidentally. 2022-07-06
  16. CALIB wrote DOFIT into the history file incorrectly. 2022-07-18
  17. TV menu timeouts were computed incorrectly. 2022-07-22
  18. UVPLT did not do 3 color properly when plotting individual points (not making an image). 2022-08-12
  19. NOIFS did not use the correct header (after calibration) and so could have a source parameter but no file. 2022-09-27
  20. File creation did not access the available disk space correctly on Linux and did not do FREESPAC correctly on Macs. 2022-09-28
  21. Multi-scale imaging and calibration with extended Clean components did not work with gridded modeling techniques. 2022-09-30
  22. MATCH recorded backwards antenna numbers when the baseline order had to be switched.2022-10-20
  23. TECOR had a geometry error causing bad values for positive hour angles. 2022-12-30

Eric W. Greisen