[AIPS] Patches to AIPS 31DEC21 [NRAO]

You will find a summary of patches made to 31DEC22 here.

With previous releases, we did not change the frozen release tar ball; user sites were required to download the text files and do any compilations themselves. But, beginning with 31DEC04, we provide binary releases for which user sites are not required to have compilers. Therefore, we have reversed our policy. These patches have been applied to the official code of 31DEC22 and may be downloaded using a 31DEC22 "Midnight Job". Any tarball taken after the change date listed below will already have the patches applied.

The following is a summary list of the patches in this release. To patch your version of AIPS, run a "MNJ" ($HOME/do_daily.hostname).

  1. VHDIF lost the DOINVERS true (add 180 degrees) result when smoothing the output average PP spectrum. 2023-01-03
  2. POSSM failed to make IF divider lines in columns > 1. Added numeric labels to all subimages. 2023-01-13
  3. TADIF had wrong length for units string and needed to trim the units and labels and take differences less seriously. 2023-01-13
  4. TECOR had an error in geometry affecting the IFR. 2023-01-23
  5. LISTR option POLD (difference of polarizations) failed mysteriously.2023-02-10
  6. UVPLT would quit on a degerate axis even if a plot range was specified. 2023-02-16
  7. FIXFR had bad file references. 2023-02-16
  8. UVADD did not copy essential tables (SU, FQ, AN, PO). 2023-02-24
  9. Mercator coordinates were not handled correctly. 2023-03-01
  10. PCNTR did not plot the polarization scale when requested if XYRATIO was set. 2023-03-20
  11. FITLD could overflow buffers when selecting IFs or channels with IDI format. 2023-03-28
  12. RLDIF has a new formula for the position angle of 3C286. 2023-03-28
  13. SOUSP used incorrect frequencies if IF selection was done after SETJY was run. 2023-03-29
  14. POSSM had several axis labeling issues. 2023-04-14
  15. VBRFI and VLBRF had errors in plotting data and in labeling the X axis. 2023-04-24
  16. IMAGR had an array that limited the number of channels entering an image to about 2000. 2023-04-28
  17. UVMOD was corrected to handle FQCENTER properly. 2023-05-24
  18. UVSUB and OOSUB did not compute OPCODE 'MODL' correctly for compressed data sets. 2023-06-12
  19. UV data sets without an FQ table could get wrong frequencies. 2023-06-14
  20. POSSM had horizontal axis labeling issues when not plotting all IFs and polarizations together (APARM(9) $\neq 0$). 2023-06-26
  21. RLDLY recorded the REFANT incorrectly in the history file. 2023-07-03
  22. RLDIF and VHDIF did not die when no data were found. Also improved the history file information.2023-07-18
  23. MORIF mishandled integer and character table columns that depend on IF 2023-08-22
  24. SPIXR confused the error return from the primary beam computation as a reason to quit. 2023-09-14
  25. CALIB closed the wrong flag table and then died when writing flags. 2023-10-02
  26. EDITA treated DODELAY incorrectly and so did not allow delays. 2023-10-02
  27. VLAPROCS and VLBAUTIL were changed in the TEC procedures to deal with the new file names in use after August 7. 2023-10-06 and 18
  28. $SYSUNIX/AIPSPATH.SH and .CSH had the wrong definitions for the 31DEC22 version. 2023-11-27
  29. VLBAUTIL.001, VLAPROCS.001 needed a better if statement to set the downloaded file name for TECR. 2024-01-26
  30. POSSM plotted the X axis incorrectly. 2024-03-11
  31. 2023-??-??

Eric W. Greisen