[AIPS] Patches to AIPS 31DEC21 [NRAO]

You will find a summary of patches made to 31DEC23 here.

With previous releases, we did not change the frozen release tar ball; user sites were required to download the text files and do any compilations themselves. But, beginning with 31DEC04, we provide binary releases for which user sites are not required to have compilers. Therefore, we have reversed our policy. These patches have been applied to the official code of 31DEC23 and may be downloaded using a 31DEC23 "Midnight Job". Any tarball taken after the change date listed below will already have the patches applied.

The following is a summary list of the patches in this release. To patch your version of AIPS, run a "MNJ" ($HOME/do_daily.hostname).

  1. VBRFI, VLBRF, PLRFI needed another digit for P-band and needed corrections in plot scaling. 2024-01-11
  2. IMxHEAD verbs did not display keyword values. 2024-01-18
  3. VLBAUTIL.001, VLAPROCS.001 needed a better if statement to set the downloaded file name for TECR. 2024-01-26
  4. POSSM needed to set SOLINT to 0 for BD tables. 2024-02-27
  5. POSSM plotted the X axis incorrectly. 2024-03-11
  6. XAS.SHR changed to reorder the close down operations. Macs do not finish the routine when Xwindows are closed. 2024-05-15
  7. install.pl misidentified the MAC ARM architecture as MACINT. 2024-05-15
  8. 2024-??-??

Eric W. Greisen