2001 October 1-December 31 AIPS Quarterly Report

Distribution and Versions

The 31DEC01 version of AIPS, updated daily, was distributed 556 times, to about 475 sites, after December 2000. This version has now been frozen, in preparation for release in January 2002. A new evolving version that is updated daily, called 31DEC02, has been initiated.

Key Developments

Goals for Q1 2002

  1. Continuing maintenance and user support.
  2. Complete release of 31DEC01 version, and move of primary copy and midnight job to Socorro.
  3. Complete comparison of FRING and KRING for fringe-fitting under various conditions.
  4. Develop a data-editing task to use the VLA weather information now provided by FILLM.
  5. Revise Cookbook Appendix C based on VLBAUTIL procedures and incorporating code changes.