2002 January 1-March 31 AIPS Quarterly Report

Distribution and Versions - The 31DEC01 version of AIPS was frozen and has been released. The move to Socorro of the midnight job and master version for 31DEC02 has been completed, and the midnight job now runs under the Unix "cvs" utility. At the moment, counts of "fetches" of the AIPS versions are disabled due to complexities associated with the move of the master copy and local cgi scripts.

Key Developments -

Goals for Q2 2002 -

  1. Continuing maintenance and user support, including systems support.
  2. Resurrect the monitoring of fetching of copies of 31DEC01 and 31DEC02.
  3. Add a guide to low-frequency, wide-field imaging as a Cookbook appendix.
  4. Code new Gaussian fit error tests into programs such as SAD and JMFIT.
  5. Complete and issue the memo comparing KRING and FRING.
  6. Support data-reduction workshops at the Synthesis Imaging Summer School..