2002 April 1-June 30 AIPS Quarterly Report

Distribution and Versions - The 31DEC02 version of AIPS now has been in routine operation for six months, under the new cvs configuration for the midnight jobs. Unfortunately, counts of "fetches" of the AIPS versions still are disabled due to complexities associated with local cgi scripts and a lack of resources to fix the problems.

Key Developments -

Goals for Q3 2002 -

  1. Continuing maintenance and user support, including systems support.
  2. Resurrect the monitoring of fetching of copies of 31DEC01 and 31DEC02.
  3. Add a guide to low-frequency, wide-field imaging as a Cookbook appendix.
  4. Improve interactive editing capabilities.
  5. Incorporate VLBA calibration pipeline into AIPS midnight job release.