As of Mon May 20 21:43:50 2024

IMLHS: Task to display three maps coded as luminosity, hue,


INNAME                             Intensity image name (name)
INCLASS                            Intensity image name (class)
INSEQ           0.0      9999.0    Intensity image name (seq. #)
INDISK          0.0         9.0    Intensity image disk unit #
IN2NAME                            Hue image name (name)
IN2CLASS                           Hue image name (class)
IN2SEQ          0.0      9999.0    Hue image name (seq #)
IN2DISK         0.0         9.0    Hue image disk unit #
IN3NAME                            Saturation image name (name)
IN3CLASS                           Saturation image name (class)
IN3SEQ          0.0       999.0    Saturation image name (seq.#)
IN3DISK         0.0         9.0    Saturation image disk unit #
BLC             0.0      2048.0    Bottom left corner 0 => 1
TRC             0.0      2048.0    Top right corner 0 => max
TVCORN          0.0       512.0    Position of image on TV
FUNCTYPE                           'LG'=log scaling, else linear
PIXRANGE                            Intensity scaling range
APARM                               (1)&(2)=hue scaling range
                                    (3)&(4)=sat scaling range
                                    (5) = hue offset


Type: Task
Use:  IMLHS uses up to 3 maps to form a false color TV image.
      The maps must register.  The first map modulates
      intensity, the 2nd hue, and the 3rd saturation.
  INNAME......Name of intensity image(name).  Standard defaults.
  INCLASS.....Name of intensity image(class). Standard defaults.
  INSEQ.......Name of intensity image(seq. #).  0 => highest.
  INDISK......Name of intensity image (disk unit) 0 => any.
  IN2NAME.....Name of hue image(name).        Standard defaults.
  IN2CLASS....Name of hue image(class).       Standard defaults.
  IN2SEQ......Name of hue image(seq. #).      0 => highest.
  IN2DISK.....Name of hue image (disk unit)   0 => any.
  IN3NAME.....Name of saturation image(name). Standard defaults.
  IN3CLASS....Name of saturation image(class).Standard defaults.
  IN3SEQ......Name of saturation image(seq. #).    0 => highest.
  IN3DISK.....Name of saturation image (disk unit) 0 => any.
  BLC.........Bottom left corner all input images
  TRC.........Top right corner all input images
  TVCORN......Position of BLC of image on TV;0=>center image
  FUNCTYPE....If 'LG' displayed brightness proportional to
              log of first map; otherwise linearly proportional
  PIXRANGE....Values, in units of INNAME map, which are to be
              displayed as minimum and maximum intensity
  APARM.......(1)&(2) are values, in units of IN2NAME map which
              are displayed as one turn in hue space.
              If zero, min& max of map2 are used.
              (3)&(4):values in units of IN3NAME map which are
              displayed as minimum and maximum saturnation.
              If zero, min & max of map3 are used.
              (5)a hue offset to map2. If zero, the lowest value
              of map2 is displayed as green, if 1/3 as blue, if
              2/3 as red.