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Type:  A Message Server window for AIPS in X11.
Use:   MSGSRV (formerly MSGSERVER) is a program that runs inside an X
       Window system terminal emulator and listens for AIPS message
       output from one or more AIPS sessions.  The sessions can be local
       or remote.  It prints the messages inside the terminal emulator
       window and tries to identify the originating host of each

       You can choose which terminal emulator to use by setting the
       AIPS_MSG_EMULATOR environment variable before starting AIPS.
       Possible values include the following.

       xterm       The terminal emulator that comes with MIT's X Window
                   System distribution.  This is available on most
                   machines but may be unsupported or optional software.
                   It is usually the safest choice if you switch between
                   machines running different versions of UNIX.  This is
                   the default.

       aixterm     The AIXwindows terminal server on IBM RS/6000

       cmdtool     The OpenWindows terminal emulator available on Sun
                   workstations.  Source for cmdtool is freely available
                   so it may be installed on other machines.

       dxterm      The DEC terminal emulator for ULTRIX workstations.

       hpterm      The Hewlett-Packard terminal emulator for HP-UX.

       shelltool   The same as cmdtool but without a scroll bar.

       none        No terminal emulator (MSGSERVER will not run).

       The message server window will pop up on your display if the
       emulator is not "none".  When things are not working properly,
       it will remain visible only briefly and then go away.  To have
       the window remain until you use your computers window manager
       to remove it, set the environment variable
            setenv AIPS_MSG_HOLD YES        (tcsh type shells)
            export AIPS_MSG_HOLD=YES        (bash type shells)
       before starting AIPS.  This will give you time to read any
       error messages that appear and to capture them to send to for assistance.

       In version 31DEC24, the verb STARTTV will allow you from within
       an AIPS session to restart the message (and TV and TEK) servers.
       Previously, they were only started when the user started an aips


       You can use the X Window System resource mechanism to customize
       parameters such as the colors of the message server, the initial
       position in which it appears and so on.  You usually specify the
       resources by typing them into a file that lives in your home
       directory and is called either .Xdefaults or .Xresources (the
       usual rule is that you use .Xdefaults if you start the window
       system with a special command after loggin in and .Xresources if
       you log in through a special window but there are excpetions:
       consult your system manager if you are not sure which to use).
       The resources from this file are automatically loaded into the
       window system when you start it.  You can also force new values
       to be loaded with the xrdb command.  For example:

		xrdb -load ~/.Xdefaults

       Resource names for the message window begin with AIPSmsg. The
       actual resources available depend on the terminal emulator you
       are using.  You should consult your system documentation for a
       complete list but the more important ones for the common terminal
       types are given below.

       More information about X Window System customization can be found
       in the X Window System User's Guide published by O'Reilly and
       Associates, or many other references on X11.

       You do not need to set any resources for MSGSERVER to work.

Resources for xterm, aixterm, hpterm:

       AIPSmsg*background     Background colour (eg. wheat)

       AIPSmsg*foreground     Foreground colour (eg. navy)

       AIPSmsg*iconGeometry   Where to place the icon.  The value should
                              be a standard geometry specification (eg.
                              +100+100).  While this works fine with
                              window managers such as twm/tvtwm, some
                              people do not recommend it if you use the
                              OPEN LOOK or Motif window managers.  Your
                              mileage may vary.  (not hpterm, dxterm).

       AIPSmsg*iconName       The name to place under the icon (not
                              hpterm; AIPSmsg*iconic for dxterm).

       AIPSmsg*iconStartup    If set to True then MSGSERVER will be
                              started in iconic form (not hpterm).

       AIPSmsg*geometry       The initial size and placement of
                              the message window.

       AIPSmsg*saveLines      The number of lines of text to retain for
                              scrolling backwards (*saveLinesOffTop for

       AIPSmsg*scrollBar      Set to True to turn the scroll bar on: set
                              to False to turn it off (*scrollVertical
                              for dxterm).

       AIPSmsg*tekInhibit     If True disallow Tektronix mode (xterm
                              only; recommended).

       Recommended settings are:

                AIPSmsg*iconName:      MSGSERVER            (not hpterm)
                AIPSmsg*saveLines:     500
                AIPSmsg*scrollBar:     True           (see dxterm above)
                AIPSmsg*tekInhibit:    True                 (xterm only)

Resources for cmdtool and shelltool:

       Nothing applicable.