As of Mon Jul 15 12:22:51 2024

PRTOF: Task to print on-line flag table information


INNAME                             Image name (name)
INCLASS                            Image name (class)
INSEQ             0.0    9999.0    Image name (seq. #)
INDISK            0.0       9.0    Disk drive #
INVERS            0.0   46655.0    Extension file version #
BPRINT            0.0              First row number to print
EPRINT            0.0              Last row number to print
XINC              0.0   32767.     Increment between rows
DOCRT            -3.0     132.0    If > 0, write to CRT
                                   > 72 => CRT line width
                                   Printer disk file to save
NCOUNT            0.0              Print the first NCOUNT values
                                   in a cell
DOFLAG           -1.0       1.0    > 0 => list flagged rows too


Type:  Task
Use:   PRTOF prints on the line printer or terminal the rows of an
       on-line flagging table.  At present a full interpretation of
       the bit-pattern antenna flag is only implemented for the VLA.
       (The VLA is currently the only telescope writing the file.)
  INNAME.....Image name (name).           Standard defaults.
  INCLASS....Image name (class).          Standard defaults.
  INSEQ......Image name (seq. #).         0 => highest.
  INDISK.....Disk drive # of image.       0 => any.
  INVERS.....Extension file version #     0 => highest.
  BPRINT.....First row to list.           0 => 1.
  EPRINT.....Last row to list.      < BPRINT => to end.
  XINC.......Increment in row number between listings.
             <= 0 => 1.
  DOCRT......False (<= 0) use the line printer if OUTPRINT = ' '
                   else write named OUTPRINT file only.
                   When OUTPRINT is not blank, DOCRT=-2 suppresses the
                   page-feed character on page headers and DOCRT=-3
                   suppresses page headers and most other header
             True  (> 0) use the terminal interactively.  The task will
                   use the actual terminal width as a display limit
                   unless 72 < DOCRT < width.  In that case, the display
                   limit will be DOCRT characters.
  OUTPRINT...Disk file name in which to save the line printer output.
             ' ' => use scratch and print immediately for interactive
             jobs - batch jobs use OUTPRINT = 'PRTFIL:BATCHjjj.nnn'
             (jjj= job #, nnn = user #).  When OUTPRINT is not blank,
             multiple outputs are concatenated, and the file is not
             actually printed.
  NCOUNT.....Elements 1 through NCOUNT are printed for each selected
             cell in the table.   0 => 100000.
  DOFLAG.....> 0 => list flagged rows (with an * in 1st col) as well
                    as unflagged rows
             <= 0 => skip over flagged rows, listing only good ones.


PRTOF:  Task to display the contents of an on-line flag table
Related Programs: FILLM, PRTAB, OFLAG

FILLM will write an on-line flag table for VLA data.  This table
contains the usual columns - time, source, antenna, subarray,
and frequency ID - plus special information, namely a bit pattern
showing antenna-based conditions and a warning score which is
polarization (R and L) and IF dependent.  The bit pattern contains

Bit    Value   Meaning
 --     ----   ---------------------------------------------
  1        1   reference pointing requested, but not applied
  2        2   antenna shadowed at source change time ('Shadowed')
  3        4   antenna off source ('OffSourc')
  4        8   first LO not locked ('1 LOLock')
  5       16   Tsys fluctuating ('TsysFluc')
  6       32   antenna flagged bad by operator ('Operator')
  7       64   back-end total power out of range ('BETotPow')
  8      128   back-end filters mis-set ('BEFilter')
  9      256   L8 module not locked ('L8Module')
 10      512   L6 module not locked ('L6Module')
 11     1024   sub-reflector not in position ('SubRefle')
 12     2048   source change in progress ('SouChang')
 13     4096   phase switching disabled ('PhSwitch')
 14     8192   round-trip phase correction disabled ('RndTrip')

The strings in parentheses are printed (or at least the first n
characters of them are printed) when the bit is on.

A warning score of 0 means no warning and is displayed with blanks by
PRTOF.  Values of 1 - 3 are intended as mild warnings, values of 4 -
15 are more severe.  In practise, the VLA appears to issue scores of 0
and 4 only.