After August 6 2000

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This page serves to remind AIPS users of the existing channels for user support, and also shows who the Designated AIP of the week is. The Designated AIP rotation has been discontinued due to a lack of personnel. Eric Greisen will be the main contact person, backed up in Socorro by Amy Mioduszewski. In Charlottesville, Pat Murphy may be of some help for AIPS locally, but provides no external support. AIPS user support can be obtained as follows:

  1. E-mail to the designated AIP at or check our contact page for the address. Mail sent here goes to all of the people participating in the designated AIP program, but the designee will usually answer directly. This is the preferred address for every AIPS user to use when AIPS problems arise.
  2. E-mail to the generic aipsmail address is now simply forwarded to
  3. Contact the AIPS group member currently designated to provide user support; see the table below. The Designated AIP program now covers general AIPS user support, including VLBI. Users may wish to contact individual members of the AIPS group directly if their question is of a specialized nature, and they know who in the AIPS group is the specialist in that area. An example would be Eric Greisen for questions related to all AIPS tasks and to installing AIPS or general systems queries.
AIPe-mailStart dateStop date
Eric Greisen E-Mail September 25, 2000 ??
Amy Mioduszewski E-Mail --- ---

Before requesting support, please make sure you have tried to Read The Fine Manual, in the form of the online version of the AIPS Cookbook (HTML table of contents leads to PostScript, html, and pdf versions), or, for installation questions, the current instructions for (HTML).

Eric W. Greisen