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Recent DDT Benchmark Results

Silicon Graphics

1999-07-02: Torsten Ensslin at the University of Toronto has run the benchmark on a SGI Origin 2000 system with 4 300-MHz R12000 processors and 16 MBytes of cache. Main memory size is 512 Mbytes, and disk space was 72 GB with two 18GB user disks striped into a 35 GB XLV (with 1GB log) for super I/O performance. OS was Iris 6.4 and the binaries were the pre-compiled versions from NRAO's Origin 200.

Jeff Pedelty reports an AIPSMark of 14.2 on a 4-CPU Onyx (R10000) SGI system, on a non-empty system. Watch this space for possibly better results on a quiet system...

You can read all about it in AIPS Memo 94, but the gist of it is this: an AIPSMark of 13.7. This was on a SGI Origin200 system with 4 processors. The numbers on the 4 simultaneous DDT's run together is fascinating too. A more recent run of a single DDT on 15OCT98 yielded an AIPSMark of 18.7 when the speed parameter was set to 18.

Jeff Pedelty at Goddard Space Flight Center ported the 15JAN94 AIPS to a Silicon Graphics system in early 1994. Here are several of his AIPSMark(93) figures from different machines (all using Irix 5.2 unless otherwise stated):

The Power Challenge machine used is part of a 4-CPU Symmetric Multiprocessor system, but only one CPU was active at the time of the test. The R8000 is apparently also available in a desktop package (Power Indigo2) but with a smaller F.P. cache; no information is available on its AIPSMark performance yet.

Thanks to Jeff (pedelty@jansky.gsfc.nasa.gov) for making the information available (and for helping to provide the 15JAN95 and 15JUL95 binary distribution for SGI!).

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