AIPS ChangeLog

The 31DEC22 version of AIPS is available in a "tarball" (a GNU-zipped tar file) that is generated each night at about 10 minutes after midnight (US/Eastern time). You can fetch the "tarball" here but be warned: it's over 178 Megabytes!

The "wizard" is an essential part of installing the 31DEC22 and earlier versions of AIPS. It is a perl script and is periodically revised to fix problems. This Change Log shows when these fixes have been made and why. If in doubt, get a fresh copy for 31DEC22 or for 31DEC21. The two versions are different (in at least one place) and you must get the one that applies to the release you are installing.
Date Comments
2024.05.15 Set MACARM properly, it was set as MACINT!
2023.12.04 Drop -c from FORTOPT.
2023.12.04 Update to 31DEC24 version string.
2023.06.08 Change cvs comments.
2022.12.01 Update to 31DEC22 version string.
2022.03.23 Add MACARM architecture.
2021.12.02 Update to 31DEC22 version string.
2020.12.01 Update to 31DEC21 version string, fix missing period, update tar file size to 175 Mbytes.
2020.11.25 Improve wording about Mac OS fixing procedure.
2020.06.18 Change name of Mac procedure to
2019.12.03 Update to 31DEC20 version string.
2018.12.03 Update to 31DEC19 version string.
2017.12.11 Update to 31DEC18 version string.
2016.11.30 Update to 31DEC17 version string.
2016.06.23 Corrected perl code i instructions for
2016.02.05 Added $CCOMOPT correction to XAS Makefile and changed XAS failure messages to recommend an edit and a make rather than re-install.
2015.12.15 Added copying of to $SYSLOCAL and $AIPS_ROOT.
2015.11.30 Update to 31DEC16 version string and added warning in the LAPTOP question section.
2015.11.13 Tell Mac user about and pause ahead of FILAIP to allow that script to be used in another window.
2015.10.12 Tell user more about AIPS_ROOT and data area names (no blanks). Make the default data area if none given. Repeat info about system services at end and add info about sysctl.conf for Macs. Laptop now the default.
2014.12.02 Update to 31DEC15 version string.
2013.12.01 Update to 31DEC14 version string.
2012.07.15 Dropped getouts and ctime perl packages, improved command parsing.
2012.12.05 Update to 31DEC13 version string.
2012.08.24 Issue comment about editing UPDCONFIG for e-mail addresses
2011.12.12 Update to 31DEC12 version string.
2011.07.29 Recognize 64-bit Macs as MACINT.
2010.12.01 Update to 31DEC11 version string.
2010.07.19 Changed SCREEN_11 to omit the advanced questions when doing a binary installation. Fixed error after 11 where it tried to go to non-existent SCREEN_12.
2010.02.12 Added START_QMNGR to list to copy to $AIPS_ROOT
2009.12.11 Add code to make sure that a pre-existing HOSTS.LIST file has the $ARCH and $SITE of the new installation. When users change their minds this can lead to very confusing mixed messages unless the HOSTS.LIST file is made to agree with what is now doing. Should go to 31DEC09 but has not yet.
2009.12.02 Update to 31DEC10 version string.
2009.07.26 SCREEN_1 did not go to the right place to download a tarball when it should have
2009.01.28 Add LNX64 operating system and detect 64-bit Linux OS.
2008.12.08 Update to 31DEC09 version string.
2008.06.21 Add group ownership and permissions to SPACE files.
2007.12.11 MACINT was missing from 2 lists for extra architecture directory creation and for making the AIPS link files.
2007.12.03 Update to 31DEC08 version string.
2007.07.08 Added creation of the default print area for batch jobs and removed all AP size queries since they do not matter now.
2007.06.08 Added commands to change group to the specified group for all files.
2007.01.22 Changed rsync options for full archive representation witha timeout.
2006.12.13 Added rsync of the $HIST area which was overlooked.
2006.05.03 Changed handling of memory size for Solaris and fixed the display of compiler options after a user changes them.
2006.03.22 Detect and support Mac Intel version.
2006.03.01 Added code to detect and forbid installation as root.
2006.01.17 Corrected two word break errors.
2005.12.8 Corrected perl grammar and added read to give user time to read the display of available OS flavors.
2005.11.09 Added AMD64's to recognize architecture and size, change FDFEFAULT compiler option and XAS Makefile.
2005.10.30 Dropped symlink making for AIPS on Macs. Just does aips.
2005.08.26 Change usage of FILAIP now that 2 questions dropped.
2005.07.13 Ask if binary intended when tar ball not found.
2005.06.16 Chaned the READLINE.SHR handling - only 1 file now.
2005.01.04 Add -c option for CDrom, cleaned up install from CDrom.
2004.12.17 Add system areas to all architectures due to cvs needs even for a binary installation.
2004.11.28 Overhaul to do binary installations on option -n. AP siize 20 by default. Menu 10 skipped on binary installation.
2004.08.05 $INSTALL_FROM_CD usage corrected.
2004.05.11 Error in finding date of yesterday fixed.
2004.01.27 Always found install machine in HOSTS.LIST due to error.
2003.12.04 The test for HPs for a special hack in compiling PP.FOR used $arch which is not set, $ARCH is correct.
2003.11.17 Corrected an error in unpacking READLINE.SHR.
2003.11.12 Dropped building and using UNSHR - all SHR files are now correctly build and can be unpacked with an sh command. Fixed the test in compiling PP to test for an IBM xlf compiler rather than an IBM architecture - IBM now vends xlf for Macs and other architectures.
2003.10.17 Changed how the date for MAKE.MNJ is found in order to cover the case where the tar ball has been deleted.
2003.09.05 Added page 5a to ask if this is a single laptop type of installation. It renames the host to LOCALHOST in this case and builds the HOSTS.LIST, DADEVS etc with this name. It also now auto-edits LOGIN.{SH,CSH} for the LAPTOP logical.
2003.08.13 Copy MAKE.MNJ to $SYSLOCAL and edit it there to put in the correct C compiler. Changed to make the user explicitly ask to download the tar ball. Having the ftp download be the default may be why there are so many nearly simultaneous downloads by sites.
2003.06.17 Added comment about editing FDEFAULT.SH when using the 2.95.3 compiler.
2003.06.11 Changed default $AIPS_ROOT to the local directory of the installation (`pwd`).
2003.06.05 Registration does not work so commented out that whole section.
2003.04.07 Move SETNAME and SETUNAME to $AIPS_ROOT and add a pause to edit them if desired.
2003.03.21 Added a rename of TEXT to TEXT.OLD to avoid unpacking problems.
2003.02.04 Changed PWD to AIPWD. Added a case to recognize MacIntosh OS/X systems as MACPPC.
2003.01.23 Dropped old section 10 on Inet/Unix TVs - it did nothing except confuse the users. Inet is always the default and the services are needed for tapes anyway. Added remark about tv=local in ref to the services and about the host name in the disk file naming.
2002.12.26 The 31DEC02 version becomes type NEW, stopping the running of MAKE.MNJ.
2002.12.24 The question about skipping the tar ball unpack had the wrong code for the default - requiring a Y or y to be typed to skip.
2002.12.16 Corrected the handling of the MNJ so that the date will be set by default to the tar ball date minus 1 not December of last year.
2002.11.15 Create $AIPS_ROOT/OFM directory. Make $RUNFIL, $FITS, $OFMFIL group writable always.
2002.09.30 Added code to make a FITS directory if one is not present.
2002.09.27 AP size 20 Mbytes was recommended on machines > 70 Mbytes which is not enough for the OS these days. Changed to recommend 80 Mbytes over 400 Mbytes and 20 over 140 Mbytes of RAM. These are more realistic.
2002.08.09 & 13 The INSTEP2 and FILAIP questions were case sensitive in their answers.
2002.07.08 Changed default to start INSTEP2 and 4 rather than not to start them.
2002.05.15 Changed the code that copies files to $AIPS_ROOT from $SYSUNIX. This copy checked dates but there are ways for that to fail so I made it copy the files all the time. If there are restarts this blows away the .old files but so what. Also added $mytype = "TST" and the MNJ code will be done only if $mytype is /TST/. When we get a new NEW this changes to NEW and the MNJ stuff is skipped as it should be for NEW.
2002.02.14 Added support for CDROM installation, so that it doesn't do or say really dumb things. Fixed problem with fishing the compiler options out of the CCOPTS.SH, LDOPTS.SH and FDEFAULT.SH files, inserted some sanity checks for compiles working.
2002.01.09 Changed DADEVS handling to force the entry of a directory name only if $NET0/DADEVS.LIST does not exist. Added copy of files from $NET0/$HOST to $TST/$ARCH/TEMPLATE.
2001.12.27 Fixed it to write PAPC.INC in $INC/NOTST/$ARCH always.
2001.09.05 Fixed privileges when $AIPS_ROOT directory had to be created.
2001.06.15 FDEFAULT.SH is now in $SYSLOCAL rather than $SYSUNIX
2001.05.16 Documentation updated to include list of services needed for the /etc/services file (or NIS services map). Sorry! Thought I had included this. -- PM.
2001.01.25 Many bug fixes that caused all sorts of annoyances, most of them irritating but not debilitating. Note that one of the "fixes" is actually a fix to the AIPSASSN.SH file; there was one statement where a [ (square bracket) and a quote mark were pushed together; they needed to be separated by a space.
The most problematic bug fixed was one that caused the unpacking of XAS to hang. Another was the failure to make the symlink to /usr/lib/libreadline.a if found (so it unnecessarily went through the unpacking and building of readline).
2000.11.29 Change name from 31DEC99 to 31DEC00.
2000.10.24 Script was not closing a double quote in $SYSUNIX/ZLPCL2; fixed today. If your ZLPCL2 is broken, you'll see
ZLPCL2: syntax error at line 73: `(' unexpected
whenever you try to print text from AIPS (e.g., PRTMSG). You can repair this by inserting a double quote character at the end of line 53 or 55 of ZLPCL2 (whichever one is not commented out with a "#"):
psfilter="$SYSLOCAL/F2PS -$size"
(There may be an -A4 flag, or not; preserve it if it's there).
2000.09.30 Incorrect dates in AIPSPATH.* files fixed
2000.09.27 Fix "missing AIPS.BOOT" file problem

Known Problems

  • The automatic ftp code does not finish correctly on Macs. Just start over after the tar ball has been unpacked.
  • Documentation needs to be spruced up

Remember to check the Midnight Job page and the 31DEC18 or 31DEC17 pages for additional information and instructions.

Modified on $Date: 2024/05/20 15:38:49 $
by Eric W. Greisen.