AIPS NRAO AIPS HELP file for GO in 31DEC24

As of Mon May 27 13:24:50 2024

GO: Verb to detach a task from AIPS for execution


TASK                               Task name
DOWAIT          -1.0         1.0   Wait to finish task before
                                   resuming AIPS?
                                   Version of task desired.
QCREATE         -1.0         1.0   >= 0 => create large files
                                   quickly, else fill with 0's
          Task name may be inserted as an immediate argument
          i.e GO TASK or GO 'TASK'


Type: Pseudoverb
Use:  Starts shed tasks and passes parameters to them.  Tests
      adverb values to see if they are in range.
  TASK.....Requested task name (5 characters or less).
  DOWAIT...Logical adverb.  True (> 0) specifies that AIPS
           not resume until the requested task has finished.
  VERSION..Desired version of the task, i.e. 'NEW', 'OLD'.  See
           HELP VERSION for details.
  QCREATE..>= 0 => create files of any significant size by writing
                  zeros only near the end of the file.  This means on
                  Unix systems that the disk space is not guaranteed
                  and could vanish before the task has a chance to
                  write to the earlier parts of the file.  But it is
                  very fast.
           < 0 => fill the entire file with zeros during the
                  creation process.  This guarantees that the disk
                  space is reserved and initialized but can take a
                  long time for files of many Gbytes.

Grammar:          GO      or      GO taskname
            The first starts the task referred to by the
            adverb TASK.  The second starts the task 'taskname'.
Examples:   TASK='CNTR'; GO            Starts the task CNTR
            GO LWPLA                   Starts the task LWPLA.
            Note that the adverb TASK is not set to 'LWPLA' in
            the second example.