ABACKUP    VMS procedure to back up data on tape
ARESTORE    Restores back up tapes of users data
CROSSPOL    Procedure to make complex poln. images and beam.
DDT    previous verion of Y2K to test performance and correctness of code
DDTSIZE    String formerly used by the DDT test
HORUS    makes images from unsorted UV data, applying any calibration
MAPDIF    Was used by the DDT test suite
MX    makes images & deconvolves using UV data directly - replaced
OFFROAM    Procedure to clear the TV from a Roam condition
PHCLN    PHCLN has been removed, use PHAT adverb in APCLN.
POLSN    Make a SN table from cross polarized fringe fit
PSEUDO    Description of POPS pseudoverbs - obsolete list file
SETROAM    Verb use to set roam image mode, then do roam. OBSOLETE
SNCUT    Specifies minimum signal-to-noise ratio
TPMON    Information about the TPMON ”Daemon”
VLBACPOL    Procedure to calibrate cross-polarization delays
XVSS    Information about older Sun OpenWindows-specific TV-Server