As of Thu May 23 22:57:32 2024

MOVE: Task to copy or move data from one user/disk to another


INNAME                             Input name(name).
INCLASS                            Input name(class).
INSEQ           0.0      9999.0    Input name(seq. #). 0=>high
INDISK                             Input disk drive #. 0=>any
USERID          1.0     46655.0    Output User ID.
OUTNAME                            Output name(name).
OUTCLASS                           Output name(class).
OUTSEQ         -1.0      9999.0    Output name(seq. #).
                                     0 => highest unique
                                    -1 => use INSEQ
OUTDISK                            Output image disk drive #
                                     0 => highest with room
                                     IGNORED on 'MOVE'
OPCODE                             'MOVE' move to other user
                                      deleting login user's copy
                                   'DUPL' copy allowing file
                                      name duplicates (!!!)
                                   'COPD' copy deleting input
                                      duplicate names allowed
                                   else copy to other user/disk


Type: Task
Use:  MOVE will copy an image or uv data set from the login user
      number to another user number.  The data can be renamed to
      that other user via file renaming (OUTDISK is ignored) or
      it can be copied.  In the former case, the data files
      disappear from the catalog of the login user.  MOVE may also
      be used to simply copy a data set to another disk for the
      same user.
  INNAME......Input name of image(name).     Standard defaults.
  INCLASS.....Input name of image(class).    Standard defaults.
  INSEQ.......Input name of image(seq. #).   0 => highest.
  INDISK......Disk drive # of image.         0 => any.
  USERID......User ID of NEW owner of image or uv data set.
              No default.
  OUTNAME.....Output name of image(name).    ' ' => INNAME
  OUTCLASS....Output name of image(class).   ' ' => INCLASS
  OUTSEQ......Output name of image(seq. #).  < 0 => INSEQ
                 0 => highest current + 1
  OUTDISK.....Disk drive # of Output image.  0 => highest with
              space.  Ignored when OPCODE = 'MOVE'.
  OPCODE......'MOVE' => rename the files on the current disk to
                 the new user, deleting from current user.  Since a
                 rename is used OUTDISK must be INDISK.  If it isn't a
                 warning is iisued and a copy done.
              'DUPL' => does a copy and allows a violation of AIPS'
                 rules that a file name must be unique across all
                 disks.  The output file name must be unique on
                 OUTDISK but the other disks are not checked.  Use
                 this when moving data from an old disk to a new one
                 where you want to keep the old names and plan to stop
                 using the old disk when the MOVE(s) are done.
              'COPD' => copy the file, allowing duplicate names as
                 above but delete the input after a successful copy.
              Anything else => copy the catalog entry's files to a
              uniquely named output catalog entry.