As of Tue Jun 18 20:00:44 2024

TYCOP: task to copy SY or TY table values between IFs


INNAME                             Input image name (name)
INCLASS                            Input image name (class)
INSEQ             0.0     9999.0   Input image name (seq. #)
INDISK            0.0        9.0   Input image disk unit #
INEXT                              Extension type: SY, TY
INVERS                             Input table file version no.
APARM                              List of IFs to average
BPARM                              List of IFs to receive values
                                      0 -> all
OPTYPE                             ' ' do same operation in R&L
                                   'R' do only in R polarization
                                   'L' do only in L polarization
                                   'R2L' average in R save in L
                                   'L2R' average in L save in R
                                   'AR2L' R -> L no averaging
                                   'AL2R' L -> R no averaging
ANTENNAS                           List of antennas to do or
                                   not to do (1 value < 0)


Task:  TYCOP moves the calibration in AIPS TY or SY plus CD extension
       tables from one or more IFs to other IFs.  TY and SY table
       values are easily made useless by RFI, so it may be wise to
       move values from good spectral windows to those so affected.
       The output table will be a new file.

       OPTYPE, ANTENNAS, and BPARM select the data which are altered
       by the requested operation.  All other TY or SY data are passed
       from INVERS to the output TY or SY table version unchanged.

       NOTE re SY TABLES: if you average IFs using more than one in
       APARM, the average is done in the recorded parameters Pdif,
       Psum, Pgain, and Tcal.  However, TYAPL applies them in ratios:
       Tcal/Pdif for gains and Tcal * Psum / Pdif for weights.
       Averaging should really be done in these parameters in TYAPL
       rather than by TYCOP.  TYAPL does NOT offer this option at
  INNAME.....Input image name (name).       Standard defaults.
  INCLASS....Input image name (class).      Standard defaults.
  INSEQ......Input image name (seq. #).     0 => 1.
  INDISK.....Disk drive # of input image.   0 => any.
  INEXT......Extension type: 'TY' or 'SY'.  Any other and the task
             will take use SY if present, else TY.  If SY tables are
             done, the matching CD table is also done.
  INVERS.....Version number of table to copy, 0=>highest no.
             Output version is highest + 1.
  APARM......List of IFs to average (first zero stops list)
             (required except for AR2L and AL2R where it is ignored)
  BPARM......List of IFs to receive the average value
             BPARM(1) <= 0 -> all IFs receive the average value
             (required except for AR2L and AL2R where it is ignored)
  OPTYPE.....Controls which polarizations are used as:
             'R  ' average R and save in R, L unchanged
             'L  ' average L and save in L, R unchanged
             'R2L' average R and save in L, R unchanged
             'L2R' average L and save in R, L unchanged
             'AR2L' IFs 1-n of R go to IFs 1-n of L, R unchanged
                    (one to one copy with no averaging)
             'AL2R' IFs 1-n of L go to IFs 1-n of R, L unchanged
                    (one to one copy with no averaging)
             OTHER average R and save in R, average L and save in L
             NOTE - if there is only 1 polarization, then OPTYPE ' '
             or OPTYPE 'R' are the only ones allowed and they will
             operate on the one polarization (even if it is actually
  ANTENNAS...List of antennas for which operation is to be done,
             all 0 => all.
             If any antenna number in the list is negative, then
             the list is of those antennas for which the operation is
             NOT desired.  It will be done for all others.