Astronomical Image Processing System
31DEC03 Version


The 31DEC03 version of AIPS is no longer available. You should install the soon-to-be frozen version 31DEC05 or the current development version 31DEC06.

If you have problems with our ftp server, please contact us.


The final report on 31DEC03 is now available as 31DEC03 AIPSLetter dated 31 December 2003 (PS, 3272 Kbytes) has information on all changes in this release. It is also available gzipped, (1310 Kbytes) and PDF, (1251 Kbytes). The progress report 31DEC03 AIPSLetter dated 30 June 2003 (PS, 750 Kbytes) has information on changes before about that date. It is also available gzipped, 320 Kbytes).

The final report on 31DEC02 is in the AIPSLetter dated 31 December 2002 (PS, 2906 Kbytes); also available gzipped, 1140 Kbytes). See also 31DEC02 AIPSLetter dated 30 June 2002 (PS, 753 Kbytes) for information on changes before about that date. It is also available gzipped, (320 Kbytes).

Distribution Statistics

A tool to monitor shipments of the tar ball was finally installed in Spring 2003. We shipped the 31DEC03 tar ball to 416 "sites" (unique IP addresses) in the last 30 weeks of this calendar year. During the full calendar year, over 551 sites contacted our cvs server. A plot of sites that have had at least one cvs access and of sites that have copied at least one of the tar balls is generated each week. The cumulative totals are quite significant. The cvs access implies that the site installed the 31DEC03 version of AIPS (MAKE.MNJ is not run while installing the frozen version) and/or ran the MNJ for 31DEC03. The tar-ball downloads count only downloads that completed successfully. In each of the totals, an individual IP address is counted only once. In general, an IP address is used by only one user, but more than one IP address will be used by those users that use dial-up connections. Thus, these totals are a modest over-estimate. Note, the totals also include multiple computers from single institutions such as NRAO.

Since 31DEC04 was created and 31DEC03 was made slushy and then frozen, we have kept separate statistics. They are plotted again by cumulative distinct IP addresses. From December 2003 into December 2004, a total of 196 different IP addresses downloaded the frozen form of 31DEC03 and 808 IP addresses downloaded one or more copies of the 31DEC04 tarball. Fully 797 IP addresses accessed the NRAO cvs master. Each of these has at least installed 31DEC04 and 231 appear to have run the MNJ on 31DEC04 at least occasionally. The total number of unique IP addresses in these three lists was 1276.

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