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FFT: Task to FFT a real or complex image.


                                   Real part of image.
INNAME                                Image name (name)
INCLASS                               Image name (class)
INSEQ              0.0      9999.0    Image name (seq. #)
INDISK             0.0         9.0    Image disk drive #
                                   Imag. part of image.
                                       Not used for OPCODEs
                                       'UVRE' 'MARE' 'UVIR'
IN2NAME                               Image name (name)
IN2CLASS                              Image name (class)
IN2SEQ             0.0      9999.0    Image name (seq. #)
IN2DISK            0.0         9.0    Image disk drive #
                                   Transformed image.
OUTNAME                               Image name (name)
                                      CLASS picked by the task
                                      'UVREAL','UVIMAG' or
OUTSEQ            -1.0      9999.0    Image name (seq. #)
OUTDISK            0.0         9.0    Image disk drive #
OPCODE                             OPCODE 'UVRE','UVCX','MARE',
                                   'MACX' blank=>'MARE'
                                   'UVIR', 'UVIX' for UVIMG
BADDISK                            Disks to avoid for scratch.


Type: Task
Use:  FFT   Fourier transforms a complex image from either the
      map (sky) or uv plane to the other.  On request the imag.
      part of the input image can be set to zero.  In all cases
      the result is a complex image whose real and imaginary
      parts are in separate files.  The headers in the uv plane
      are now correct and contain 2 extra axes to convey the RA
      and Dec should those coordinates be needed later (i.e. by
      a reverse execution of FFT).  The phases in the uv plane
      are corrected for position shifts made in making the map.
      Currently only floating format images are read or written.
  INNAME......The input real part name.  Size must be a
              power of 2.                  Standard defaults.
  INCLASS.....The input real part class.   Standard defaults.
  INSEQ.......The input real part seq. no. 0 => highest.
  INDISK......The input real part disk no. 0 => any.
  IN2NAME.....The input imag. part name.  Not used for
              OPCODEs 'MARE' 'UVRE' 'UVIR'.
              Standard defaults.
              Must be same size and cell spacing as INNAME.
  IN2CLASS....The input imag. part class.  Standard defaults.
  IN2SEQ......The input imag. part seq. #. 0 => highest.
  IN2DISK.....The input imag. part disk drive #.  0 => any
  OUTNAME.....The output image name.       Standard defaults.
              The output CLASSes are fixed by the task and
              indicate whether the image is the real or imag.
              part and whether they are in the map 'MA' or
              uv 'UV' plane.  the four possibilities are:
              'UVREAL','UVIMAG','MAREAL' and 'MAIMAG'.
  OUTSEQ......The output image seq. #.  0 => highest unique.
              Both output images will have the same seq. no.
              If >0; image will be created if new.
              Old files may NOT be overwritten.
  OUTDISK.....The output disk drive no. 0 => highest with space
  OPCODE......Code for operation requested.
              'UVRE'  real uv => complex map
              'UVCX'  complex uv => complex map.
              'MARE'  real map => complex uv
              'MACX'  complex map => real uv
              'UVIR'  real uv centered image from UVIMG to
                      complex map (sort='UV' in UVIMG)
              'UVIX'  complex uv centered image from UVIMG
                      to complex map (sort='UV' in UVIMG)
              '    ' => 'MARE'
  BADDISK.....This array contains the numbers of disks on which
              it is desired that scratch files not be located.
              BADDISK has no effect on input and output maps.