As of Fri Jul 19 9:58:27 2024

IM2CC: Task to convert an image to multi-facet Clean Components


INNAME                             Input name(name).
INCLASS                            Input name(class).
INSEQ           0.0      9999.0    Input name(seq. #). 0=>high
INDISK                             Input disk drive #. 0=>any
OUTNAME                            Output name(name).
OUTSEQ         -1.0      9999.0    Output name(seq. #).
                                     0 => highest unique
OUTDISK                            Output image disk drive #
                                     0 => highest with room
BLC             0.0      4096.0    Bottom left corner of image
TRC             0.0      4096.0    Top right corner of image
                                     0=>max allowed
ICUT            0.0                Include all points > ICUT in
                                     absolute value only
FLUX                               Discard all points < FLUX
                                     must be <0 to incl negative
NX              1.0                Number panels in X
NY              1.0                Number panels in Y
IMSIZE                             Output image size


Type: Task
Use:  IM2CC will divide an image up into NX x NY panels and create
      a sub-image for each with the same data in both the image and,
      with clipping, in a CC file.  This task is designed to convert a
      model image, preferably not convolved and in units of Jy/pixel,
      into a usable correct multi-facet model for AIPS.  Images with
      no components in the CC file will be deleted, so that the number
      of output facets will be less than (or equal) NX * NY.
  INNAME......Input name of image(name).     Standard defaults.
  INCLASS.....Input name of image(class).    Standard defaults.
  INSEQ.......Input name of image(seq. #).   0 => highest.
  INDISK......Disk drive # of image.         0 => any.
  OUTNAME.....Output name of image(name).    Standard defaults.
              The class will be controlled by IM2CC.
  OUTSEQ......Output name of image(seq. #).  0 => highest unique
  OUTDISK.....Disk drive # of Output image.  0 => highest with
  BLC.........The bottom left-hand pixel of the input image which
              becomes the bottom left corner of the subimage from
              which the NX x NY panels are taken.   0 -> 1.
  TRC.........The top right-hand pixel of the input image which
              becomes the top right corner of the subimage from which
              the panels are taken.  0 -> max allowed value.
  ICUT........CC components are made only from pixel values greater in
              absolute value than ICUT and
  FLUX........CC components are made only from pixel values greater
              than FLUX (in actual value).  Thus FLUX=0 cuts off all
              negatives independent of ICUT.  If you want to include
              values < -ICUT, you must set FLUX to a significantly
              negative value.
  NX..........The X axis is divided into NX nearly equal panels.
  NY..........The Y axis is divided in NY nearly equal panels.
              Be sure to make enough to account for any W term
  IMSIZE......Output image size in pixels.  Value used will be the
              greater of IMSIZE and the input image divided by NX and
              NY.  When doing gridded modeling, the grid routines use
              the size of the input image to determine the size of the
              grid.  Very small images are not accurate in gridded
              imaging making DFT required even when it is very slow.
              Having an excessively large output image can overcome