Appendix O
Special Considerations for Data from Older Telescopes in AIPS

Chapter 4 on data calibration has been revised to describe the modern VLA data format and calibration in AIPS. Similarly, old VLBI formats have been excised from Chapter 9 to avoid confusion with more modern practices. Nonetheless, the VLA archive for the pre-expansion VLA is widely and productively used and we suspect that there are VLBI users with older data files which may still need reduction and analysis. This appendix is used to address first the older VLA data format and initial reduction steps and then the older Mk III and Mk IV VLBI formats.

 O.1 The Historical VLA
  O.1.1 Reading from VLA archive files using FILLM
  O.1.2 Reading old spectral-line data
  O.1.3 Applying nominal sensitivities to historic VLA data
  O.1.4 Calibrating historic VLA data
  O.1.5 Editing with LISTR and UVFLG
  O.1.6 Editing with TVFLG
  O.1.7 Spectral-line calibration
  O.1.8 Solar data calibration for the historic VLA
 O.2 Old VLBI format data
  O.2.1 Loading data from a MkIII/MkIV correlator