Z.3 AIPS at the NRAO in Charlottesville and Green Bank

AIPS is installed in Charlottesville based on the Linux computer named valen. Similarly, it is installed in Green Bank on a computer named bratac. The installations are current, with Midnight Jobs updating the development version each night. However, there are no current members of the AIPS group at either site, so the actual state of AIPS usage, particularly for visitors, is hard to determine from Socorro. Both sites have visitor procedures and welcome outside visitors. However, Charlottesville is concerned with ALMA users wishing to use CASA and Green Bank is concerned with GBT users needing to use GBT-IDL. Visitor information for both sites can be found from the main NRAO web site, including forms to register a visit and much information. Visitors to Charlottesville and Green Bank should inquire locally for information concerning public workstations supporting AIPS.