Appendix Z
System-Dependent AIPS Tips

This appendix has been updated. The information contained herein should be indicative of current conditions, but not correct in detail. This is particularly true of the Charlottesville and Green Bank information.

Although AIPS attempts to be system independent, some aspects of its use depend inevitably on the specific site. These vary from procedural matters (e.g., assignment of workstations and location of sign-up sheets, tape drives, and workstations or other terminals) to the hardware (e.g., names and numbers of workstations and tape and disk drives) to the peculiar (e.g., the response of the computer to specific keys on the terminal, the presence of useful job control procedures). This appendix contains information specific to the NRAO’s individual AIPS installations. It is intended that non-NRAO installations replace this appendix with one describing their own procedures, perhaps using this version as a template. The general description of using AIPS on workstations was given in Chapter 2 and will not be repeated here.

Within the NRAO, AIPS is installed on two main architectures — Linux PCs and Mac workstations. All our old SUN, IBM RS/6000, CONVEX C–1 and DEC VAX 11/750 and 11/780 systems have been decommissioned. Currently the fastest AIPS machines in the Observatory are the whichever PC was bought last.

 Z.1 NRAO workstations — general information
  Z.1.1 The “midnight” jobs
  Z.1.2 Generating color hard copy
  Z.1.3 Gripe, gripe, gripe,
  Z.1.4 Solving problems at the NRAO
 Z.2 AIPS at the NRAO AOC in Socorro
  Z.2.1 Reserving public-use workstations at the AOC
  Z.2.2 Using Linux workstations at the AOC — introduction
  Z.2.3 Starting AIPS
 Z.3 AIPS at the NRAO in Charlottesville and Green Bank
 Z.4 Additional recipes