Appendix V
VLA Maintenance Tasks in AIPS

Most tasks in AIPS are designed to work for a generalized interferometer or single-dish. However, a number of tasks have been written specifically at the behest of scientists supporting the calibration and maintenance of the VLA and EVLA. These include a task to read the “telcal” text file to prepare an initial solution (SN) table, a task to solve for antenna position corrections from appropriate solutions in an SN table, a task to fit corrections to the antenna pointing model from a file produced by the on-line system in pointing mode, and several tasks to process holography data up to and including a map of the corrections to be applied to the antenna panels. This appendix is an attempt to document such tasks. Note that TLCAL is a task which may be of interest to general VLA users. The antenna location task LOCIT and the holography tasks may well be of interest to scientists maintaining interferometers other than the VLA. However, the pointing task PEEK will probably be of use only to people tasked with maintaining the VLA.

 V.1 Real-time calibration tables: TLCAL
 V.2 Correcting antenna positions: LOCIT
 V.3 Improving antenna pointing: PEEK
 V.4 Improving antenna surfaces: holography
 V.5 Antenna polarization: PDPLT