AIPS Recent Changes


The AIPS code management system includes one file called CHANGE.DOC in which most major code changes are documented. You can list the entries that contain a given word (or part of a word) by entering the word in the appropriate place below. What you get back is a chronological list (from early to late) of all entries in that file which contain the word in question.

This is a good way of finding out what will be in the next release of Classic AIPS ('TST'). However, changes for 'NEW' and 'OLD' will also be listed, oldest entries first. Remember 'TST' is NOT available outside of NRAO unless you are prepared to run a midnight job. See also the patches information. Also, bear in mind that bug fixes you see mentioned here for TST may have been introduced in TST, not the public version!

Enter the word on which you want information. For example, if you want to see recent CHANGE.DOC entries for MX, you would enter


in the search field above.

The CHANGE.DOC files for all currently on-disk versions of AIPS will be searched for the item you specify.

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