[AIPS] Patches to AIPS [NRAO]

``Patches'' to the current and previous release of AIPS are available here. These consist of source files or shell scripts that have been modified; recompilation is often necessary to apply these. We have patches for the following releases:

With previous releases, we did not change the frozen release tar ball; user sites were required to download the text files and do any compilations themselves. But, beginning with 31DEC04, we provide binary releases for which user sites are not required to have compilers. Therefore, we have reversed our policy. These patches have been applied to the official code of 31DEC04 (and later releases) and may be downloaded using a "Midnight Job" for the corresponding release. Any tarball taken after the change date listed below will already have the patches applied. Of course, you may still download and compile the files as before.

Beginning with the 31DEC21 release, we no longer have a formal patch system. Significant bug fixes are made to the NEW version when needed. User sites may run the MNJ to correct their copy of AIPS at any time. Truely significant bugs will be announced on the MNJ and bananas list servers. The file CHANGE.DOC will provide information on any code changed in NEW.

Summary new-style patch information:

Full old-style patch information:

It is important that you get and apply these "patches", as NRAO will not apply them retroactively to the distribution on tape or ftp.


If you use a web browser such as Mosaic (or perhaps Netscape or Arena) and you download them directly through the browser, your browser may use ftp in binary mode. This will result in a spurious character (^M) at the end of each line and will disable scripts like AIPSEXEC, START_AIPS, SYSETUP, etc. Removing the spurious characters will solve the problem, but it is better to get these files in ASCII mode if you use ftp.
Patrick P. Murphy