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Type: Adverb  (String*48)
Use:  To specify the name of some disk file outside the usual AIPS
      catalog system to be used as output from an AIPS verb or task.
      The file can be a text file giving a basic data listings of
      various sorts.

Format: The name is usually given by specifying a logical device plus
      directory, followed by a colon, followed by the actual file
      name.  In Unix, logicals are environment variables.  The
      logical name must be set up before entering the AIPS program
      and is usually in upper case.  Thus, for example:
              percent setenv MYAREA ~joeuser
      for the C shell, and
             $ myarea=$HOME; export MYAREA
      for bourne, korn, and bash shells.  Then in AIPS,
             OUTTEXT = 'MYAREA:FITS.DAT'
      Note that the Unix-standard $ ahead of the logical is omitted.
      AIPS-standard logicals like FITS (often AIPS/FITS) are available
      also.  Other forms are now acceptable as well:
             OUTTEXT = 'FITS.DAT
      will find the file in the $FITS directory (when reading or
      writing FITS disk files) or in the directory local when you
      started AIPS.  A full path name may also be given
             OUTTEXT = '/home/primate2/egreisen/AIPS/Text.prt
      if it fits in 48 characters.  Note that the trailing quote mark
      is left off and this is the last command on the input line so
      that the case is preserved.

      In some programs, it is regarded as an error if OUTTEXT already
      exists.  Most concatenate to or replace pre-existing OUTTEXTs.

Null value:  '          '
      Taken to mean no subsidiary file.  This can be an error.

    ATMCA........Determines delay/phase gradient from calibrator
                 observations; OUTTEXT contains a table of fitted
                 delays and rates
    BLSUM........Sums images over irregular sub-images, displays
                 spectra; OUTTEXT contains spectra in form suitable
                 for use in PLOTR
    CLOSE........Plots closure phase or amplitude spectra averaged over
    CLPLT........Plots closure phase and model from CC file.  OUTTEXT
                 contains the fit closure phases.
    CONPL........Plots AIPS gridding convolution functions; OUTTEXT
                 lists the functions plotted
    DTCHK........Task to check results of a test using simulated
                 data; OUTTEXT contains test results
    FRMAP........Task to build a map using fringe rate spectra;
                 OUTTEXT contains the list of components found
    FRPLT........Task to plot fringe rate spectra; OUTTEXT contains
                 fringe rate spectrum which is plotted
    GAL..........Determine parameters from a velocity field; OUTTEXT
                 contains parameters found or the full plot data
    IANTB........Writes out GC and TY data in ANTAB format
    IMEAN........displays the mean & extrema and plots histogram of an
                 image; OUTTEXT contains fit results and histogram
    IRING........integrates intensity / flux in rings / ellipses;
                 OUTTEXT lists the points plotted
    MOMFT........Calculates images of moments of a sub-image; OUTTEXT
                 contains of log of the messages also written to the
    PBEAM........Fits the analytic function to the measured values of
                 the beam; OUTTEXT records results of fit and data
    POSSM........Task to plot total and cross-power spectra.; OUTTEXT
                 contains average spectrum plotted when NPLOTS=0
    QUFIX........Determines Right minus Left phase difference,
                 corrects cal files.  OUTTEXT file contains the
                 corrections determined when they are not applied.
    QUOUT........Writes text file of Q, U versus frequency to be used
                 by RLDIF.  OUTTEXT is the file thet gets these data.
    REWAY........Computes weights based in rms in spectra.  OUTTEXT
                 is an optional file to receive summaries, outliers,
                 and details of the statistics.
    RFLAG........Flags data set based on time and freq rms in fringe
                 visibilities.  OUTTEXT is an optional output file
                 with channel-dependent weights.
    RM2PL........Plots spectrum of a pixel with RMFIT fit.  OUTTEXT
                 is an optioanl file which receives model values,
                 Q and U spectra (data & model & residual).
    SERCH........Finds line signals in transposed data cube; OUTTEXT
                 logs histograms, results, sigmas, etc.
    SHADO........Calculate the shadowing of antennas at the array;
                 OUTTEXT records amount of shadowing vs hour angle
    SLCOL........Task to collate slice data and models.; OUTTEXT is
                 reformatted list of slice points or models
    SLICE........Task to make a slice file from an image; OUTTEXT
                 contains slice x, y, value in pixels and image units
    SNFIT........Fits parabola to SN amplitudes and plots result.
                 OUTTEXT is an optional file to rceive the fit values.
    TBOUT........Writes an AIPS table into a text file for user
                 editting; OUTTEXT copntains editable table contents
    UVCRS........Finds the crossing points of UV-ellipses; OUTTEXT
                 contains list of crossing points and amplitude ratios
    VLAMP........Makes ANTAB file for phased VLA used in VLBI
                 observations.  OUTTEXT is the file to be fed to ANTAB.
    XG2PL........Plots spectrum of a pixel with XGAUS/AGAUS and
                 ZEMAN/ZAMAN fits.  OUTTEXT optionally receives
                 the spectra of the data, model, and model components.
    HITEXT.......Writes lines from history extension file to text
                 file; OUTTEXT contains extracted history records
    DOVLAMP......Produces amp calibration file for phased-VLA VLBI
                 data.  OUTTEXT is the file to be fed to ANTAB.
    VLBAMPHC.....Applies VLBARUN calibration to additional phase
                 stopping centers.  OUTTEXT is used to convey an
                 optional e-mail address to which to send a
                 completion notice.
    VLBARFI......Calibrates VLBA autocorrelations, writes out
                 statistics.  OUTTEXT is used to convey an optional
                 e-mail address to which to send a completion notice
    VLBARUN......Applies amplitude and phase calibration procs to
                 VLBA data.  OUTTEXT is used to convey an optional
                 e-mail address to which to send a completion notice