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31DEC02 Version


The 31DEC02 version of AIPS is no longer available as our frozen version. You may be able to download Linux or Solaris binaries, including the control files either from CDrom or from the AIPS FTP site. For the former, contact; he will continue to mail CDs until the current supply is exhausted. The 31DEC02 ftp site has directories containing the binary files used to control and execute AIPS under Solaris and Linux. These are retained for the moment since they may be of use (and disk is cheap). It would be faster to download and install 31DEC03 than to download a full binary copy of AIPS. INSTEP1 used to provide tools for the binary download, but they have not been tested for some time and may well no longer work.

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AIPS and GNU G77 under Linux

Since 15APR98, AIPS has used the EGCS version of the GNU compilers with great success, mainly as it gives a considerable performance boost over the older gcc/f2c package. We now require use of the EGCS compilers for compiling AIPS with g77. Version 1.1.2 has been used in-house; we have thoroughly tested the merged 2.95 version of gcc/g77 and even the 3.0 and later versions seem fine. We do not recommend use of the accidentally-released "2.96" system that comes with Red Hat 7.0 (and later). See compiler installation notes for installing your own compiler for AIPS.. AIPS assumes the glibc based library.


The final report on 31DEC02 is in the AIPSLetter dated 31 December 2002 (PS, 2906 Kbytes); also available gzipped, 1140 Kbytes). See also 31DEC02 AIPSLetter dated 30 June 2002 (PS, 753 Kbytes) for information on changes before about that date. It is also available gzipped, 320 Kbytes).

The final report on 31DEC01 is in the AIPSLetter dated 31 December 2001 (PS, 742 Kbytes); also available gzipped, 316 Kbytes). See 31DEC01 AIPSLetter dated 30 June 2001 (PS, 3900 Kbytes) for information on changes before about that date. It is also available gzipped, 966 Kbytes).

See 31DEC00 AIPSLetter dated 31 December 2000 (PS, 200 Kbytes) for information on changes before about 15 December 2000. It is also available gzipped, 78 Kbytes).

See 31DEC00 AIPSLetter dated 1 April 2000 (PS, 156 Kbytes) for information on changes before about 1 April 2000. It is also available gzipped, 65 Kbytes).

Distribution Statistics

Courtesy of Ernie Allen: see the various AIPSletters referenced above for detailed reports.

As of December 30, 2001 556 copies of 31DEC01 had been distributed, all by ftp. Of these, 448 appeared to be separate "sites" (including multiple computers at the same university however). 48 of these sites took full copies more than once during the year. Statistics for 2002 are unavailable. Our MNJ monitor suggests that 48 sites/computers ran MNJs on 31DEC02 during its development.

A tool to monitor shipments of the tar ball was finally installed in Spring 2003. We shipped the 31DEC02 tar ball to 88 "sites" (unique IP addresses) in the last 30 weeks of this calendar year. A plot of sites that have had at least one cvs access and of sites that have copied at least one of the tar balls is generated each week. The cumulative totals are quite significant. The cvs access implies that the site installed the 31DEC03 version of AIPS (MAKE.MNJ is not run while installing the frozen version) and/or ran the MNJ for 31DEC03. The tar-ball downloads count only downloads that completed successfully. In each of the totals, an individual IP address is counted only once. In general, an IP address is used by only one user, but more than one IP address will be used by those users that use dial-up connections. Thus, these totals are a modest over-estimate. Note, the totals also include multiple computers from a single institution such as NRAO.

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