As of Mon May 20 23:07:10 2024

STEPLEVS: Proc to set RGBLEVS to a repeated sequence of colors


LEVS     $                          Contour levels
RGBGAMMA $       0.0                Gamma correction parameter
RGBLEVS  @       0.0        1.0     RGB for each LEVS in order


Proc:  This procedure will set RGBGAMMA if it is not positive, will
       examine the LEVS values and set them to -10 to -1 followed by 1
       to 10 if they are not set.  Then it will determine a list of
       colors of length given by an immediate argument to STEPLEVS.
       It will set RGBLEVS so that the first positive LEVS and first
       negative LEVS will be the first color in the list, the 2nd
       positive and 2nd negative LEVS will be the second color in the
       list, and so forth.  If there are more positive or more
       negative LEVS that there are colors in the list, then the list
       is reused.  Thus, if there are 6 colors and 10 positive LEVS,
       the first 6 LEVS gets colors 1 through 6, and the remaining 4
       LEVS get colors 1 through 4.

       Before using this procedure you must enter
              RUN SETRGBL
       which will define this and 3 other procedures.  Any time you
       change the values in LEVS, you should then enter
              STEPLEVS (x)
       again to select the new set of colors.  Note that these colors
       are similar to those of the verb TVPSEUDO with Button C (first
       three patterns)

       The colors are for X=5
           brightened blue, cyan, green, yellow, red
       For x=6
           brightened blue, cyan, green, yellow, red, magenta
       For x=7
           brightened blue, cyan, green, yellow, red, magenta, white
       For x=8 a sequence suggested by Lincoln Greenhill,
           approximately magenta, blue, cyan, green, yellow, orange,
           red, brown
       For x=9 a sequence suggested by Renzo Sanchisi
           approximately grey, magenta, blue, light blue,
           dark green, light green, yellow, orange, red
       For x=10 a sequence suggested by GYPSY
           approximately grey, cyan, blue, dark green, red, orange,
           yellow, light green, magenta, white

Input/output adverbs:
  RGBGAMMA...If 0 on input, set to 2.2.  The gamma correction
             parameter to adjust colors (value used = input value to
             the 1/RGBGAMMA power).  Larger values make more pastel
  LEVS.......Contour level multipliers.  Up to 30 values in increasing
             order - if all 0 on input, set to -10 to -1, 1, to 10.
             Defines which values require colors and what their range
             should be.  Thus, if you change LEVS, you should execute
             STEPLEVS again.
  X..........Immediate argument to procedure.
Output adverbs:
  RGBLEVS....RGB colors (3,30) for each of the LEVS in use.
"Scratch" adverbs:
  II, JJ, KK, XX, YY, RR, GG, BB, TT are all changed by the procedure.