Appendix A
Easy Continuum UV-Data Calibration and Imaging

This appendix contains a step-by-step guide to calibrating simple continuum data from interferometers using AIPS. This older guide is now preceded with information about a new “pipeline” of AIPS procedures which can automagically calibrate, image, and even self-calibrate many multi-source continuum (and line) data sets. Although this pipeline is unlikely to produce immediately publishable results in most cases, it does produce a data set with preliminary calibration and editing which can then be edited further “by hand.” Following the additional editing, the pipeline may be re-run to produce improved images. When good single-source data sets are produced, self-calibration can also be performed using the methods described in 5.4.

 A.2 Basic calibration
 A.3 Polarization calibration
 A.4 Backup and imaging
 A.5 Additional recipes