A.4 Backup and imaging

FITTP Writes the output uv-data to tape. DISMOUNT your archive; MOUNT your output tape. TASK=’FITTP’; DOEOT=1; OUTTAP=INTAP; INP; GO.  Use DOEOT=-1 when at the beginning of a new tape.
SPLIT The AIPS calibration process only modifies the tables associated with the multi-source uv-data set. SPLIT selects individual sources, reads the CL table and multiplies the visibilities by the corrections to produce a calibrated single-source uv-data set. TASK=’SPLIT’; SOUR=’ ’; CALC=’ ’; UVRA=0; TIMER=0; DOCAL=2; FLAGVER=1; GAINUSE=3; DOPOL=1; DOBAN=-1; BIF=0; EIF=0; STOKES=’ ’; BLVER=-1; APARM=0; DOUVCOM=1; ICHANSEL=0; INP; GO
Mapping Use your favorite Fourier Transform task (e.g.IMAGR) to produce images from the calibrated data. Procedure MAPPR provides a simplified interface to IMAGR.