13.34 TAPE

ATLOD    Reads ATCA data in RPFITS dormat into AIPS
AVEOT    Advances tape to end-of-information point
AVFILE    Moves tape forward or back to end-of-file marks
AVMAP    Advance tape by one image (IBM-CV = obsolete tape file)
AVTP    Positions tape to desired file
BAKLD    reads all files of a catalog entry from BAKTP tape
BAKTP    writes all files of a catalog entry to tape in host format
BLOCKING    specifies blocking factor to use on e.g. tape records
DENSITY    gives the desired tape density
DISMOUNT    disables a magnetic tape and dismounts it from the tape drive
DOEOF    selects end-of-file writing or reading until
DOEOT    selects tape positioning before operation: present or EOI
DONEWTAB    do we make new tables, use a new table format, etc.
DOTABLE    selects use of table-format for data
DOTWO    do we make two of something
FILLM    reads VLA on-line/archive format uv data tapes (post Jan 88)
FILLR    reads old VLA on-line-system tapes into AIPS
FIT2A    reads the fits input file and records it to the output ascii file
FITAB    writes images / uv data w extensions to tape in FITS format
FITLD    Reads FITS files to load images or UV (IDI or UVFITS) data to disk
FITTP    writes images / uv data w extensions to tape in FITS format
FORMAT    gives a format code number: e.g. FITS accuracy required
GSCAT    reads Fits Guide star catalog file
IMLOD    Reads tape or disk files to load images to disk
INTAPE    specifies the input tape drive number
MOUNT    makes a tape drive available to user’s AIPS and tasks
NFILES    The number of files to skip, usually on a tape.
NPIECE    The number of pieces to make
OUTTAPE    The output tape drive number.
PRTTP    prints contents of tapes and disk files, all supported formats
QUANTIZE    Quantization level to use
REMHOST    gives the name of another computer which will provide service
REMTAPE    gives the number of another computer’s tape device
REWIND    Verb to rewind a tape
TAPES    Verb to show the TAPES(s) available
TCOPY    Tape to tape copy with some disk FITS support
TPHEAD    Verb to list image header from FITS or IBM-CV tape
TPMON    Information about the TPMON ”Daemon”
UVLOD    Read export or FITS data from a tape or disk
VLAMODE    VLA observing mode
VLAOBS    Observing program or part of observer’s name