13.33 TABLE

BSPRT    print BS tables
CLCOP    copy CL/SN file calibration between polarizations or IFs
CLINV    copy CL/SN file inverting the calibration
DOTABLE    selects use of table-format for data
EXTAB    exports AIPS table data as tab-separated text
HF2SV    convert HF tables from FRING/MBDLY to form used by Calc/Solve
HFPRT    write HF tables from CL2HF
HLPEDIBP    Interactive BP table uv-data editor BPEDT - run-time help
HLPEDICL    Interactive SN/CL table uv-data editor - run-time help
HLPEDIPC    Interactive PC table editor PCEDT - run-time help
HLPEDIPD    Interactive PD table editor PDEDT - run-time help
HLPEDISN    Interactive SN/CL table (not UV) editor - run-time help
HLPEDISS    Interactive SY table (not UV) editor - run-time help
HLPEDISY    Interactive SY table uv-data editor EDITA - run-time help
HLPEDITS    Interactive TY table (not UV) editor - run-time help
HLPEDITY    Interactive TY table uv-data editor EDITA - run-time help
MFPRT    prints MF tables in a format needed by modelling software
OBEDT    Task to flag data of orbiting antennas
OBTAB    Recalculate orbit parameters and other spacecraft info
OFLAG    uses on-line flag table information to write a flag table
PRTAB    prints any table-format extension file
PRTOF    prints on-line flag table information
SNCOP    Task to copy SN table averaging some input IFs
TABED    Task to edit tables
TACOP    task to copy tables, other extension files
TADIF    prints differences between two table-format extension files
TAFLG    Flags data in a Table extension file
TAMRG    Task to merge table rows under specified conditions
TAPLT    Plots data from a Table extension file
TAPPE    Task to append 2 tables and merge to output table
TASAV    Task to copy all extension tables to a dummy uv or map file
TASRT    Task to sort extension tables.
TBDIF    Compare entries in two tables
TBIN    Reads a text file AIPS table into AIPS
TBOUT    Writes an AIPS table into a text file for user editting.
TYCOP    copy TY or SY table calibration between IFs
VLBAMCAL    Merges redundant calibration data