3.7 Moving and compressing files

Two AIPS tasks are frequently used to move files from one disk to another with options to reduce the file size. They are SUBIM, used on images, and UVCOP, used on uv data sets. SUBIM uses the adverbs BLC and TRC to select a portion of the input image and XINC and YINC to select a pixel increment through the portion. If these adverbs are defaulted (set to 0), the entire image is copied. Clean component, history, and other table extension files are copied as well, but plot and slice extensions are not. Similarly, UVCOP uses a wide range of adverbs to select which IFs, channels, frequency IDs, times, antennas, and sources are to be copied. If all of these adverbs are defaulted (set to 0 or blank), then all data are copied except (optionally) for completely flagged records. A flag table may also be applied to the data. including flag tables too large to be handled by most tasks. With extensive data editing, UVCOP may produce a rather smaller data set even with no other selection criteria. Antenna, gain, and other table extension files are copied, but plot files are not. The task MOVE may be used to copy all files associated with a catalog number (without modification) to another disk or to another user number.