Chapter 3
Basic AIPS Utilities

This chapter reviews some basic AIPS utilities with which you should be familiar before you start calibrating data or processing images in AIPS. Many of these utilities will appear in later chapters on calibration, image making, and so on. However, in those chapters, these utilities will be explained only briefly.

 3.1 Talking to AIPS
  3.1.1 POPS and AIPS utilities
  3.1.2 Tasks
  3.1.3 Verbs
  3.1.4 Adverbs
 3.2 Your AIPS message file
 3.3 Your AIPS data catalog files
  3.3.1 Speedy data file selection
  3.3.2 Catalog entry status
  3.3.3 Renaming data files
  3.3.4 Header listings
 3.4 Your AIPS history files
 3.5 Saving and restoring inputs
 3.6 Monitoring disk space
 3.7 Moving and compressing files
 3.8 Finding helpful information in AIPS
 3.9 Magnetic tapes
  3.9.1 Hardware tape mount
  3.9.2 Software mounting local tapes
  3.9.3 Software mounting REMOTE tapes
  3.9.4 Using tapes in AIPS
 3.10 AIPS external disk files
  3.10.1 Disk text files
  3.10.2 RUN files
  3.10.3 FITS-disk files
  3.10.4 Other binary data disk files
 3.11 The array processor
 3.12 Additional recipes