Chapter 2
Starting Up AIPS

This chapter contains general information concerning the steps needed to obtain access to, and use, an AIPS system. It attempts (as does the design and coding of AIPS itself) to avoid specific references to particular computer devices and to the peculiarities of any one AIPS installation. We will assume, for the most part, that you will be running AIPS on a Unix workstation although AIPS should still work in more classical environments. Even for workstations of the “same” operating system, some installation-specific practicalities remain. For the NRAO installations, these are described in Appendix Z.

 2.1 Obtaining access to an AIPS computer
 2.2 Using the workstation
  2.2.1 Logging in to the workstation
  2.2.2 Control characters on the workstation
  2.2.3 Starting the AIPS program
  2.2.4 Typing commands to the AIPS program
 2.3 Managing windows
  2.3.1 General window management
  2.3.2 Managing the AIPS TV window called XAS
 2.4 Additional recipes