As of Mon Jul 15 11:48:23 2024

FGPLT: Task to plot selected contents of FG file.


INNAME                             UV data (name).
INCLASS                            UV data (class).
INSEQ             0.0    9999.0    UV data (seq. #).  0 => high
INDISK            0.0       9.0    Disk unit #.  0 => any
INVERS                             FG table file version no.
                                   0 => 1
TIMERANG                           Time range to plot
STOKES                             Stokes type to plot: R, L,
                                      RR, LL, RL, LR
                                   '' => 'R'
FREQID                             Freqid, 0=>1; -1=>all
SUBARRAY          0.0              Subarray, 0=>1; -1=>all
BIF               0.0      100.0   First IF to plot, 0=>1.
EIF               0.0      100.0   Last IF to plot 0 -> highest
BCHAN             0.0              Lowest channel to include
ECHAN             0.0              highest channel to include
ANTENNAS                           Antennas to plot
BASELINE                           Baseline with antennas
LTYPE        -410.0       410.0    Type of labeling: 1 border,
                                   2 no ticks, 3 - 6 standard,
                                   7 - 10 only tick labels
XYRATIO         0.0                X/Y ratio 0 -> fit TV or 1 PL
DOTV           -1.0         1.0    > 0 Do plot on the TV, else
                                   make a plot file
GRCHAN          0.0         8.0    Graphics channel 0 => 1.


Type:  Task
Use:   Plots selected data versus time from a specified FG table.  If
       all selected flags are antenna based, then an antenna-based
       plot is done.  If some are baseline based, then the plot is
       done on a baseline basis.
  INNAME.....UV file name (name).       Standard defaults.
  INCLASS....UV file name (class).      Standard defaults.
  INSEQ......UV file name (seq. #).     0 => highest.
  INDISK.....Disk unit #.               0 => any.
  INVERS.....Version number of FG table to plot, 0 => 1
  TIMERANG...Time range of the data to be plotted. In order: Start day,
             hour, min. sec, end day, hour, min. sec. Days relative to
             reference date.  0 -> take the time range from the UV
             file.  If the UV file is very short (usually a TASAV
             file) then the time range is taken from the flag table.
             It may be best to set TIMERANG in such cases.
  STOKES.....The desired Stokes type of the displayed data.
             R, L, RR, LL, RL, LR;  '' => 'R'
  FREQID.....Frequency identifier to select (you may determine which is
             applicable from the OPTYPE='SCAN' listing produced by
             -1 => all; 0 => 1
  SUBARRAY...Subarray to select.  -1 => all; 0 => 1.
  BIF........First IF to plot
  EIF........Last IF to plot.
  BCHAN......Include only flags involving channels that overlap the
             range from BCHAN to
  ECHAN......ECHAN.  BCHAN=0 -> 1, ECHAN=0 => max channel
  ANTENNAS...A list of the antennas forming baselines. All 0 => all.
             If any number is negative then the baselines are NOT to be
             plotted and all others are.
  BASELINE...A list of the baseliness with antennas given in ANTENNAS
             to be plotted. All 0 => all.  If any
             number is negative then the baselines are NOT to be
             plotted and all others are.
  LTYPE.......Labelling type, see HELP LTYPE for details:
              1 = border, 2 = no ticks, 3 or 7 = standard, 4 or 8 =
              relative to ref. pixel, 5 or 9 = relative to subimage
              (BLC, TRC) center, 6 or 10 = pixels.  7-10 all labels
              other than tick numbers and axis type are omitted.
              Less than 0 is the same except that the plot file
              version number and create time are omitted.
              Add n * 100 to alter the metric scaling.
  XYRATIO....Scale the X axis longer than the Y by XYRATIO.
                If DOTV >  0, 0 -> fit to the TV window
                If DOTV <= 0, 0 -> 1.
  DOTV.......> 0 => plot directly on the TV device, otherwise make a
             plot file for later display on one or more devices
             (including the TV if desired).
  GRCHAN.....Graphics channel (1 - 7) to use for line drawing.  0 => 1.