Appendix C
A Step-by-Step Recipe for VLBA Data Calibration in AIPS

This appendix provides a step-by-step guide to calibrating many types of VLBA and HSA (High Sensitivity Array or Effelsberg, Arecibo, GBT, and phased VLA) experiments. Continuum strong-source or phase-referencing observations are included, as are simple spectral-line observations. This appendix applies specifically to data sets with full calibration transfer. There is an addendum (C.10) describing issues with flagging for non-VLBA data sets and other matters for cases in which not all calibration data are loaded by FITLD. It may often be used (with some modifications in loading amplitude data) for data sets containing other antennas. Simple VLBA utilities that go all the way up to and including fringe-fitting are described.

 C.1 Quick Guide
 C.2 Table Philosophy
 C.3 Data set assumed in this Appendix
 C.4 VLBA Utilities
 C.5 VLBA Pipeline
 C.6 Data Loading and Inspection
 C.7 Amplitude and Delay Calibration
 C.8 Rate and Phase Calibration
 C.9 Final Calibration Steps
 C.10 Incorporating non-VLBA antennas
  C.10.1 Loading Tsys and Gain Curves
  C.10.2 Pointing Flags
 C.11 Pre-EVLA VLA data
  C.11.1 Single VLA Antenna
  C.11.2 Phased VLA
 C.12 Summary for non-VLBA antennas
 C.13 Some Useful References
 C.14 Additional recipes