Chapter 7
Analyzing Images

In order to obtain useful astronomical information from the data, software exists for the analysis of images, combining of images, estimating of errors, etc. Only a few of the programs are described in any detail here; the others should be self-explanatory using the HELP and INPUTS files for the tasks listed in Chapter 13. A complete list of software in AIPS for the analysis of images may also be obtained at your terminal by typing ABOUT ANALYSIS  C R.

 7.1 Combining two images (COMB)
  7.1.1 Subtracting a continuum image from an image cube
  7.1.2 Polarized intensity and position angle images
  7.1.3 Other image combination options
  7.1.4 Considerations in image combination
 7.2 Combining more than two images (CMPLX, SUMIM, SPIXR, STACK)
 7.3 Image statistics and flux integration
 7.4 Blanking of images
 7.5 Fitting of images
  7.5.1 Centroid fits (IMCENTER) and parabolic fit to maximum (MAXFIT)
  7.5.2 Two-dimensional Gaussian fitting (IMFIT, JMFIT)
  7.5.3 Source recognition and fitting (SAD, TVSAD)
  7.5.4 Gaussian fits to slices (SLFIT)
  7.5.5 Spectral parameter fitting (TVSPC, XGAUS, ZEMAN, RMFIT, FARS)
 7.6 Image analysis
  7.6.1 Geometric conversions
  7.6.2 Mathematical operations on a single image
  7.6.3 Primary beam correction
  7.6.4 Changing the resolution of an image
  7.6.5 Filtering
 7.7 Modeling in the image and uv planes
  7.7.1 Analysis in the uv plane
 7.8 Additional recipes