Chapter 6
Displaying Your Data

This chapter is concerned with the ways in which you may display your data. There are a number of tasks for generating “plot files” which contain graphics commands for the making of various displays of your uv and image data. All of these now offer a “preview” option to draw the plot directly on the AIPS TV, rather than putting the commands into a file. Once the files are created, a variety of tasks may be used to translate them into displays on various devices, such as the AIPS TV and graphics windows and PostScript printers. There are also verbs to display and manipulate your images on the AIPS TV and a single task TVCPS to capture that display, if desired, into a PostScript file for printing, recording on film, or even including in your scientific papers.

Several indices of the AIPS software are relevant to this discussion. To generate current lists of AIPS functions on your workstation window (or terminal) use ABOUT HARDCOPY  C R, ABOUT INTERACT  C R, ABOUT PLOT  C R, ABOUT TV-APPL  C R, and ABOUT TV  C R. Recent versions of these indices are reproduced in Chapter 13 of this CookBook.

 6.1 Getting data into your AIPS catalog
  6.1.1 IMLOD and FITLD from FITS-disk
  6.1.2 Image coordinates
 6.2 Printer displays of your data
  6.2.1 Printing your visibility data
  6.2.2 Printing your image data
  6.2.3 Printing your table data
  6.2.4 Printing miscellaneous information
 6.3 Plotting your data
  6.3.1 Plotting your visibility data
  6.3.2 Plotting your image data
  6.3.3 Plotting your table data
  6.3.4 Plotting miscellaneous information
 6.4 Interactive TV displays of your data
  6.4.1 Loading an image to the TV
  6.4.2 Manipulating the TV display
  6.4.3 Intensity and color transfer functions
  6.4.4 Setting parameters with the TV
  6.4.5 Reading image values from the TV
  6.4.6 Labeling images on the TV
  6.4.7 Comparing images on the TV
  6.4.8 Slice files and the TV display
  6.4.9 Other functions using the TV
  6.4.10 Capturing the TV
 6.5 Graphics displays of your data
  6.5.1 Plotting data and setting values with the graphics display
  6.5.2 Slice files and the graphics display
  6.5.3 Data analysis with the graphics display
 6.6 Additional recipes
 6.7 Examples of color plotting