9.2 Pipeline for the VLBA

VLBARUN is a procedure which uses the VLBA calibration procedures (from VLBAUTIL) and some logic to calibrate and image VLBA data. VLBARUN attempts to make intelligent decisions on defaults, so it can be run fairly automatically, if the names of the sources are known. If desired, VLBARUN will produce diagnostic plot files and write them to disk creating an HTML file to ease examination of these files. Images will be produced, but no self-cal is done, so the images should be considered diagnostic in nature.

Sample inputs for procedure VLBARUN are:


to acquire the procedures used by VLBARUN.


to acquire VLBARUN.

> DATAIN /dirname/data.fits

to set data file to load from disk.


to set disk for output.


to say this is a continuum dataset.


to use default.


to set reference antenna to Fort Davis.


to have VLBARUN determine a good instrumental delay calibration scan.

> CALSOUR ’bandpass’, ’phasecal”cal1’

to list calibrators, bandpass calibrator must be first.

> SOURCES ’phasecal’, ’target’

to list phase referencing and target pairs.


do not apply DELZN file.


to use default.

> IMSIZE 512

to make images and specify size of target images.


to make calibrator images 128x128.


to make some diagnostic plots.

> OUTFILE ’it /directoryname

to specify directory for output plots. If this is set then plots are written out from AIPS and organized in an HTML file for easy viewing. Preferably, this directory should be empty at the beginning.

> OUTTEXT ’it email@somewhere.edu

to specify an e-mail address if the users wants to be notified when the pipeline is done



to specify which disks to avoid for scratch.


to run the procedure.

VLBARUN will then run and produce the requested number of diagnostic plots. For details on the plots produced for each level of DOPLOT, see EXPLAIN VLBARUN. If an e-mail address is specified then a VLBARUN DONE or VLBARUN FAILED message will be sent. However, the VLBARUN FAILED message will only be sent if VLBARUN failed because of problems with the inputs, if VLBARUN failed because a task it was running failed this message is not sent. It is highly recommended that the user read the explain file for VLBARUN before use.