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*Search CHANGE.DOC for current activity

It is now possible to search the CHANGE.DOC files used by AIPS programmers to document the current changes being made to AIPS. This can be very useful if you want to keep up with what is happening to your favourite AIPS task or area of interest (e.g., VLBI).

NOTE: The search facility for this searches the TST, NEW, and OLD versions of CHANGE.DOC on the master system in Socorro, and presents the results with the oldest changes first. Please bear in mind that the TST version is now available outside of NRAO. 31DEC16 is available as TST, 31DEC15 is now called NEW and is frozen except for "patches" to significant errors. Since we are now only doing releases once per year, we recommend that AIPS sites set up "midnight" jobs (doing so is now fairly trivial). For important changes, there should be patches available. The MNJ will work on the NEW version to pick up the patches and any new or revised text files. The full texts of the TST, NEW, and OLD versions of CHANGE.DOC are also available. Warning: they are long and are an internal form of documentation that is not expected always to be clear to ordinary AIPS users and is often unclear even to AIPS programmers.

*On-line HELP Files for the Next Release

You can now use a simple searchable page to review the most recent version of a particular help file. There is unfortunately no way as yet of getting an index of all available files, so you must know the name of the help file a priori.

*The AIPS Memo Series

We have a series of memos (121 as of the time of writing). Some of these are online with downloadable pdf and gzipped PostScript versions. A total list of all memos is also available. Those not available on-line may be requested via email to aipsmail@nrao.edu.

Latest Memos