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Type: Adverb  (String*48)
Use:  To specify the name of some disk file outside the usual AIPS
      catalog system to be used as input to an AIPS verb or task.  The
      file is usually a text file giving some list of commands or
      data from an external source.
Format: The name is usually given by specifying a logical device plus
      directory, followed by a colon, followed by the actual file
      name.  Other combinations are often acceptable as well.  The
      logical name must be set up before entering the AIPS program and
      is usually in upper case.  Thus, for Unix, for example:
              percent setenv MYAREA ~joeuser
      for the C shell, and
             $ myarea=$HOME; export MYAREA
      for bourne, korn, and bash shells.  Then in AIPS,
              percent aips tst
             INFILE = 'MYAREA:FITS.DAT'
      Note that the Unix-standard $ ahead of the logical is omitted.
      Other forms are now acceptable as well:
             INFILE = 'FITS.DAT
      will find the file in the $FITS directory (when reading or
      writing FITS disk files) or in the directory local when you
      started AIPS.  A full path name may also be given
             INFILE = '/home/primate2/egreisen/AIPS/Text.prt
      if it fits in 48 characters.  Note that the trailing quote mark
      is left off and this is the last command on the input line so
      that the case is preserved.

      For VMS:
             $ def  myarea  disk$res:[joeuser.aips.files]
             $ aips tst
             INFILE = 'MYAREA:FITS.DAT'
      but, also okay are things like
      AIPS-standard logicals like RUNFIL (AIPS/RUN area) and FITS
      (often AIPS/FITS) are available also.

      Under UNIX, it is now possible to read and write tape files with
      other, cooperating computers.  If the other computer is running
      the AIPS "deamon" task TPMON, then INFILE may also take the form
      where  is the name of the other computer, and  is
      a name known to TPMON on that computer.  This limitation
      probably requires you to use the $FITS or $RUNFIL or other
      widely known AIPS areas.  (For real tape, the node name is given
      in the MOUNT command instead.)  This option only applies to
      tapes (i.e. IMLOD, UVLOD, FITLD, TPHEAD).
Null value:  '          '
      Taken to mean no subsidiary file.  This can be an error.  For
      tapes, it means use a real tape drive given by INTAPE (which
      must already be MOUNTed).
   TVLAYOUT......Verb to label the holography image on the TV with panel
                 layout.  INFILE contains layout data or the known
                 strings VLA or VLBA.
   DOFARS........Procedure to aid in Faraday rotation synthesis using the
                 FARS task.  INFILE contains channel weights.
   VLBARUN.......Applies amplitude and phase calibration procs to VLBA
                 data.  INFILE contains DELZN correction information.
    AFILE........Sorts and edits MkIII correlator A-file; INFILE is
                 the MkIII A-file
    BLING........Find residual rate and delay on individual baselines;
                 INFILE controls solution intervals, search windows
    CL2HF........Convert CL table to HF table; INFILE is the schedule
                 or time tag file
    CLCOR........Applies user-selected corrections to the calibration
                 CL table; INFILE contains coordinate corrections vs
                 time, atmospheric delay/rate corrections vs time,
                 planet names, or Earth pole corrections
    CONFI........Optimize array configuration by minimum side lobes;
                 INFILE contains initial array configuration
    DTCHK........Task to check results of a test using simulated data;
                 INFILE is parameter text file of DTSIM
    DTSIM........Generate fake UV data; INFILE contains parameters of
                 array to be simulated
    DT2PD........Write PD table from a PD table text file in INFILE.
    FARAD........Faraday rotation corrections: INFILE contains
                 the ionospheric data.
    FARS.........Faraday rotation synthesis based on the brightness vs
                 wavelength.  INFILE contains channel weights.
    FIXBX........Converts a BOXFILE to another for input to IMAGR;
                 INFILE is previous BOXFILE with desired Clean boxes
    FTARS........Fits 1-dimensional polarization spectrum to Q/U text
                 file.  INFILE is the Q and U spectrum given to TARS.
    GREYS........Plots images as contours over multi-level grey;
                 INFILE describes holography panel and bolt
    HOLGR........Read & process holography visibility data to telescope
                 images.  INFILE is the text file produced by UVHOL
                 giving holography visibilities
    HOLOG........Read & process holography visibility data to
                 telescope images; INFILE is the text file produced by
                 UVHOL giving holography visibilities
    INDXR........Writes index file describing contents of UV data
                 base; INFILE gives forced scan breaaks
    KNTR.........Make a contour/grey plot file from an image w multiple
                 panels.  INFILE contains a holography layout pattern.
    LDGPS........Load GPS data from an ASCII file; INFILE contains the
                 GPS data
    M3TAR........Translate Haystack MKIII VLBI format "A" TAR's into
                 AIPS; INFILE is the experiment information file
    MFIMG........Image the Earth magnetic field model or TEC data used
                 by TECOR.
    MK3IN........Convert MKIII VLB tapes to AIPS: INFILE is the
                 experiment description (stations) file.
    MODVF........Task to create a warped velocity field; INFILE
                 contains the rotation curve and warping data.
    OMFIT........Fits sources and, optionally, a self-cal model to uv
                 data; INFILE contains control parameters for model
    PBEAM........Fits the analytic function to the measured values of
                 the beam; INFILE contains raster scanned visibility
                 data as used by UVHOL
    PCVEL........Shifts spectral-line UV data to a given velocity: planet
                 version.  INFILE contains time variable velcities for
                 the Solar system object.
    PLRFI........Plots spectral statistics from output of VBRFI & VLBRF
    RMFIT........Fits 1-dimensional polarization spectrum to Q/U cube.
                 INFILE contains channel weights.
    SHADO........Calculate the shadowing of antennas at the array;
                 INFILE contains antenna locations as in UVCON
    STACK........Task to co-add a set of 2-dimensional images with
                 weighting.  INFILE contains weights for each imnput
    TARS.........Simulation of Faraday rotation synthesis (mainly task
                 FARS).  INFILE contains the Q and U spectrum.
    TECOR........Calculate ionospheric delay and Faraday rotation
                 corrections; INFILE contains the total electron
                 content data
    TFILE........Sorts and edits MkIII correlator UNIX-based A-file;
                 INFILE is the input A-file
    USUBA........Assign subarrays within a uv-data file; INFILE can
                 control subarray selection
    UVCON........Generate sample UV coverage given a user defined
                 array layout; INFILE gives antenna locations
    UVFIL........Translates user uv data into AIPS - paraform.  INFILE
                 is the input uv data file name.
    UVSIM........Generates simulated uv data set: INFILE
                 describes the array to be used.
    VBLIN........Translate NRAO VLB format to AIPS.  INFILE is the
                 VLBI uv data file name.