List of Figures

1.1 Basic AIPS flow diagram
4.1 3C48 at X-band
4.2 EDITA display
4.3 RFLAG display
4.4 Example antenna D term spectrum
4.5 Orion hot core at K band
5.1 Affect of ROBUST parameter on beams.
6.1 UVPLT displays
6.2 Contour and grey-scale plots of an image
6.3 Row plots of an image
6.4 Statistical plots of an image
6.5 Slice and table plots
6.6 KNTR with pseudo-coloring, contours and polarization vectors in bright and dark lines
6.7 KNTR shows true-color image
6.8 PCNTR with polarization position angle shown with color
6.9 PCNTR with contours colored by velocity
6.10 KNTR with contours colored with RGBLEVS
6.11 SNPLT with IFs/polarizations colored
7.1 Geometric and other functions on an image.
8.1 KNTR contours of spectral channels
8.2 TVCUBE display of transposed cube.
8.3 PLCUB display of spectra from a cube
8.4 Images of line-cube moments.
9.1 POSSM and VPLOT displays of uncalibrated VLBI data
9.2 Spectrum before and after calibration
9.3 An example of a fringe rate image
10.1 UVPLT displays of single-dish data.
10.2 POSSM display of single-dish data.
10.3 SPFLG display.
10.4 Convolving function Fourier transforms.
10.5 Images at various beam throw rotations.
10.6 Images at various beam throw corrections.
A.1 Visibility data before and after calibration
D.1 VPLOT of “bad” phases
D.2 VPLOT of “okay” phases
O.1 TVFLG display
V.1 Example LOCIT plot
V.2 Example holography raster
V.3 Example HOLOG images
V.4 Example PANEL images
V.5 Example PBEAM plots
V.6 Example PDPLT plot